There are many plans in man's heart but only God's plan will prevail

I have always been passionate about life. This was how I was raised: to embrace the life I was given and make the most out of it. By high school, all my plans were laid out. I pretty much know what I want to accomplish. The plan was just simple, I thought: continue my studies to college, get a degree, graduate with flying colors, work corporate, buy a house and lot, help my parents send my siblings to school, marry at age 27, and don't be a nagging wife (lol).

Continuing college

How I finished my schooling is a very long story. I stopped for a year after graduating high school. For financial reason my parents could not send me to college. I'd took a chance here in Manila, I ended up staying at my half-sister in Pampanga. I didn't have the advantage of choosing a degree course so I ended up taking 2-yr diploma in computer related course. I worked hard. I landed several small paying jobs while studying: grocery cashier, assistant in an office insurance, jollibee crew. In two year time, I graduated. I never got the degree I was planning to have (one down from my plan) but I graduated with an award.

Going corporate

I was still in my first year college when I decided to apply for an office position in Cybercity Clark. I haven't heard any feedback from my application until after a year they offered me an encoder position for a project based which will only last for three months. I was still a Jollibee crew then and two months away from receiving my diploma. I submitted my resignation letter and right away signed the contract. Never did I know that this will mark the very first step of my ladder to working corporate.

The challenge

After two months that I was working, my family (residing in Leyte by then) decided to join me and live in Pampanga for good. To add to my difficulties, the project I was working on was terminated. It was like the burden of the world was placed upon my shoulder. No work. No savings. Mouths to feed. Responsibilities. For a moment, I wanted to just *puff* and be gone. But life was not design that way. I knew I have to go on striving to live and never to lose hope. I was fervently praying to God to help me find a job - a better job. I applied for different companies in Clark, I did not mind working in a factory anymore. I gave up my dream of working corporate. I was accepted as a Quality Control in Luen Thai. With a pending medical examination, I was good to start with my new work. It was a twist of fate, my half-sister passed me the job application she was hesitant to have. I went for it and I was instanty considered for the position. I didn't have the background or the experience of working on softwares but they considered my experience in Cyber City as a good credential. Who would thought that my two-month involvement as encoder in a well-established company wil be my edge in landing the position? And who would thought that this will be the turning point of my career? Guess, only God knows the plan.

Continuing the journey

After three years, I decided to move forward. I sought for changes, improvements and of course challenges. I prayed and what I seek I have found. Answered to my prayers were expressly delivered. And here I found myself the job I so wanted in a busy city of Makati.

But then again, only God knows what will happen next. He gave me something big because He knows the size of problem that will soon greet me. Financial problem? I wanted to help my parents send my siblings to school? That's why He gave me a high paying job! I think, His plan was already there before I laid out mine.

I may not achieved the things I want to have the way I planned it to have. But I'm grateful that God gave me things I need. Following my lists, only one thing is left. Or rather I could say two things: getting married and the enivetable (lol) - don't be a nagging wife. And these two I'm sure are not due to happen soon or let me say again, it depends on the great architecture of my life.

You might wonder what happend to my other plan: buy a house and lot?

As I mentioned earlier, I have achieved things but not the way I want it. My boyfriend and I decided to buy a house and lot as an investment. I may say, we're thinking of future. You see? I have it but it's shared :)

It is very true that we have so many plans at heart but all those plans will never happen if it's not according to God's purpose.

"There are many plans in a man's heart, but Yahweh's counsel will prevail."

With this post, I would like to thank my ate, Ate Amy who had help me financially during my college days. Your kindness dwells in my heart's memory.

And to Suzette. For the love of my first and number one avid reader and supporter, I took the time to add more details and to further improve this post. Thanks for your honest feedback and support dude, really appreciate it :)

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Anonymous said...

"Life is a combination of failure and success and the best way to focus ur life is never put a question mark where God has placed a period." nice one.keep it up.

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