Remembering Chloe :(

After an hour of blog walking, I got bored. But I still have couple of hours ahead before I could pack my things and leave the office. Office bummers out there, you probably know the struggles of pretending you're facing your monitor and doing something important and the feeling of accomplishing nothing at the end of the day, right? I feel ashamed to myself knowing my one month salary is intact despite of long hours doing non-work related. Well, what else could I do? We don't have projects in line, we have no tasks to work on, and so on...

Enough for the office rantings. So just to pass up time, I browsed my old pictures saved in my local computer. Seeing my old self flooded me with memories. I suddenly wished to have my long hair back. As you may know, the length of my hair right now is the shortest I've ever got in my entire life and I'm promising myself with cross fingers pointed at my heart never to have a short hair cut again. Anyway, back to my picture-browsing. I open this folder named "Cat" without a realizing that I am actually opening it.

These are some of the contents:

It's Chloe! My pet in a span of one week. Yes, she's dead and blame it on my bf's dog. She's just a baby. My boyfriend's neighbor found her in the street. My boyfriend remembering me that I love to have a cat volunteered to adopt this cute kitten. She's so cute and I like her the instant I saw her. For a local cat, her fur is different from the usual orange or brown or white. It was like a mixed of white-orange-gray, haven't seen a fur like her.

I remember this one was taken the night we first met. I just finished feeding her and as my bf said, once she's full, she'll just return to her sleeping area, guess it's here comfort zone. Unlike other kittens, all you could hear are their meows. But this one is different, very independent. She's silent and will only make a sound once she's hungry. Anyway, I was looking for her an hour after I had her fed. I looked every where, from every rooms, to bathrooms, corners, under the tables, cabinets. I was calling like mengg... memengg... (that's how me and my sisters call cat's attention, even when we were still kids). It was after 10 minutes when I found her hiding inside this boots. It made me laugh that time. She is just so cute that I couldn't help but grab my phone and take a shot. She was also like grabbing my phone and her eyes widening in horror when the flashes came.

After a week, my bf called with a bad news. Chloe is dead. It was like when his dad arrived home that day, their two dogs were like bouncing and barking and playing around out of excitement. So chloe, feeling so feel at home that time, went out of her hiding and met the master of the house. Tarzan, the male dog, maybe out of excitement grabbed the kitten by the neck, playfully rocked chloe sideways causing her to be throwned over to the floor with a full force. Ugh! A painful death:(

Today those pictures painfully reminded me of chloe.

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Manju said...

Ouch!! Omg, this is terrible. i'm so sad for you :(

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