Holiday Rush Gift Guides

With the holidays fast approaching, most of us surely are again into our own moment of listing down gifts and must-buy things we want to give away as christmas presents to our friends and loved ones.

Of course, with the holiday rush comes the difficulties of selecting what could be the best present. Here I listed some gift-buying-ideas you could follow to lessen out your anxiety.

If you're dying to give someone something they would not just stash in their closet, get or know their wish list. Scope some information from his/her friends or colleagues. Or you could get what he/she wanted straight from him/her. You don't have to ask directly. A little instinct and thoughtfulness will help you achieve that surprise look on his/her face when you finally handed out the gift.

If still you don't have no idea on what to give, follow these simple guides:

1. For that very special someone, be alert when you both go shopping. Your companion might have spotted thing he/she is dying to have but could not afford to buy it for a reason. Take that us a hint. Next time you go shopping (of course make sure you're alone so as not to spoil the surprise)
, you can just drop by the same store and get the thing. Your special someone will be surprised and will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort.

2. For the always stressed out office mate, you can get a mini-massager that he/she can store in his/her office drawer.

3. For a workmate who always bring baon, get a hip lunch kit.

4. For the kikay friend make up fan, get her a vanity mirror, perfect for her dolling up.

5. For the shopaholic babe, a cute shopping bag will help her lug all her great fab finds during her shopping spree.

6. For a friend who collects bags, totes and purses, get her the ultimate organizer that will keep her precious position in prime conditions. I know there is one kikay bag organizer available in Avon and it only costs PHP299.00. Sometimes it is offered on a discounted price. Friends you can drop me a message if you are interested of buying this must-have :)

7. For the out-going-never-to-carry-big-wallet-type, give her a magic wallet that he/she could stash his/her cards and bills. I bought one last year that only costs PHP100.00. It's very hip.

8. For the beach bum, a catch-all-you-can-carry beach bag is perfect. Or you could for a kikay flip-flops. No need to be so extravagant but if you have money, you could opt to buy Havs or Ipanema.

9. For a fashionista friend, a practical holder for her baubles will be greatly appreciated. Get her an accessory organizer to make it easy for her to store and locate her precious trinkets. Again, this is also available in Avon. You can send me message if you like to own one.

I hope you find these simple guides helpful. So what are you waiting for, avoid the holiday rush, start your list and go for a shop. Remember to be practical when buying things. Make sure to buy s
omething useful. After all, it is always the thoughts that count (not the price).

Happy holiday shopping!!!

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