Stay or Quit? It's your choice!

My day is done, for now. For a while, I thought I am out in a snow-packed space (although I don't seem to feel the coolness, lagi naka-warmer ang aircon namin) because everywhere I glance, everything that my sight touches is white. It might due to the fact that I've been burrying my nose over this assigned task, so engrossed I did not notice I am nearly kissing my computer screen. For the whole day I was only seeing the one screen in my computer - RoboHelp - with its wide white space (the editor screen) and with few images. While hearing

the irregular sound of my keyboard (tick tack, tickitack....) and due to my eye's mistiness, I thought the images were already floating.

It's been month since my IS (immediate supervisor) told me that in addition to my team's QA related tasks, technical documentation will now fall under our responsibility. Oh my goodness! That was not a good news after all. My team obviously took the news with a heavy heart.

How are we going to accomplish and deliver a task where we do not have the fundamental knowledge? Imagine, an entirely different group of people is obliged to work on something urgent, a work that is usually handled by a different person equipped with the right skill set.

Why not come to your IS and discuss the matter at hand? Oh yes we did. And there the problem started. Because we do not have any choice but to accept the responsibility. As my IS said, you cannot say you're not going to do it because that cannot be. Which means whatever the explanations we have as to why we could not readily accept the additional job responsibility will be useless.

We're not fa... zip mouth
We don't... zip mouth
What... zip mouth

Being still an employee, if you found yourself in this kind of situation - there are only two things you could do: it's either you accept the job, treat it as a challenge or you quit, write your resignation letter and fly out.

Initially, I took it as a threat to my capability. And knowing it is somewhat not align to the career path I want to trudge, I took it as a negative blow. My mind suddenly process the inevitable and the what if's.

But I know I need to make a choice so I opted to accept it. I chose to accept it as a challenge. The fact that it threatens my aptitude, it is a challenge.

I stay. And so did my other team mates.

So there... I called my team for a meeting, we splitted out the tasks, talked about the deadlines and the best possible approaches we could used for the situation.

The documenting of online help was assigned to me. It's in HTML format so in order to accomplish the task, I have to use the RoboHelp and apparently I do not have any previous orientation with this tool which means I do not have any slightest idea how to use this tool. One of the bosses said it's like you're just using MS Word. That's a good news. True to what he said, its basic feature is like MS Word but totally different if we talk about the advanced features.

I started with the tutorials and with the basic steps of documentation. With continuous exploration, research, learning its navigation and reading RoboHelp related topics, I was able to move forward with the task. I had observed my progress overtime. I am learning it. And I marked the date today (October 29, 2009). After weeks of not knowing how to start, of being blinded on what could be the best approach, I am close to finishing the online help. A great accomplishment! Somebody ought to congratulate me!!! (shout).

I posted this not because I want to brag about my accomplishments but because I want to point out several important things:

1. First, you have to strongly consider why you were asked to do the things outside of your job scope. It could be because your employer has confident in your capability.

2. The more you try doing the work even if it is out of your job scope, the more you see the positive in it. Yes, that could be a chance for you to increase your knowledge base, improve your skill sets and expand your work experience.

3. This might be an opportunity for you to play a larger role at the company that could lead to a promotion or salary increase (particulary if the economy is doing good).

So take the ego out, take the whining out. If you believe you could not deliver something, then talk to your boss, laid out your problems, ask for guidance but still look at it with a positive view. Believe me it would lessen (if not sieze) the feeling of being obliged to do something. Also, never lose the enthusiasm to learn something new - this will be your motivation to get the job done.

Know what, I suddenly found a reason to rekindle my enjoyment of staying here. I am sure that if I leave my current company someday, it is definitely not because of this new assignment.

Here is a motivating thought from Harry S. Truman:

I found that the men and women who got to the top were those who did the jobs they had in hand, with everything they had of energy and enthusiasm and hard work.

I am so hating SPAM Text

I was engrossed with my documentation work when suddenly my phone buzz. When I checked it, only number is displayed. Since I am a retailer of load, I was thinking it might be a friend who wants to purchase a load. Instinct, open it and read a message that goes like this:

Say I love my mama 3x.. and send it to number of people. If you ignore this text, your mother will die on November 2.


It really bugged me BIG TIME! Not only it destroyed my momentum, but I hate it that they're using someone closed to you just for money?

I right away deleted the text and mumbled 'In Jesus Name' to oppose whatever evil, negative notion the message has. I am not a believer of this trail-text. I can't help but also hate the people who believe in all these pranks, lies, whatever.

Stop Throwing Away Your Money

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born in a middle class family where both my parents were wage-earner. My mother was very good in handling the family budget. She was able to stretch out the money handed to her by our father. The money which supposedly will last for only a week lasted for over two weeks. Of course, it could not be avoided having debts in sari-sari store but unlike other families in our neighborhood, we were considered as the best-paying debtor.

I remember when I was in grade school, I am used to having 2 pesos as my 'baon'. With that amount of money in my pocket, I was able to buy one orange flavored ice candy or a chocolate one paired with a 50-cent worth of junk food, not a very healthy one (pero solved na ako nun). Everyday, I usually have 50 cents left in my pocket. I collected it for a week and earned 3-5 pesos which I used to buy toys in school (rubber bands, cards, paper dolls, jolens, chinese garter, yoyo, etc). Or sometimes, instead of asking money from my mother I used it to buy school materials like bond papers, writing pad or pencil.

My mother never lectured me with words on how to spend every penny but seeing her actions taught me otherwise. I was young but then I already have this young urge to be frugal. And what drives me? Because I want to help my parents in some little ways I could.

What do I want to point out here anyway?

I heard it usually from elders. I often read it in financial advise forum. That most of the rich people now were not born rich, they are made.

How do they become rich?

They are in action to save up. They value every penny. They stop throwing away their money. They spend it on investments. They plan their budget. They do not splurge themselves with unnecessary things. They cut down credit cards. They have goals. And they have the drive to reach that goal.

When it comes to saving, the hardest part is getting started. Being one that earn thousands a month but got tons of monthly expenses, it is very hard for me to start earning. Honestly speaking, I have a personal account (apart from the payroll account I have) but I wasn't able to maintain the required ADB for that. Very ironic for someone who talks about spending wisely, huh! Here, at least I spent my money on important things and in what ways, that's a different story.

You are not a big time earner but you want to save up a little? Here are some ways you can adapt:

1. Make a list of your monthly expenses. Or better if you cut it down to two-week expenses if you have bi-monthly salary to come up with a realistic list.

2. Set a budget amount. Say your expenses should not exceed 60% of your income. If it exceeds, check out your list then erase those that you can do away.

3. Make sure to include in your budget list at least the 10% of your monthly earnings. When you include the savings into your expenses list, it feels like this is just another expense and not savings.

4. If your budget is tight and you cannot afford to save up the 10%, then develop a habit of going piggy bank. Make sure you always feed your piggy bank any amount each day. Just set the minimum to PHP5.00. Or you can also stash away your crisp 100 peso bill somewhere in your wardrobe or have it pile in between your books or notebook. Before you know it you have already earned an amount which you could use for future purposes or emergency situation.

5. Find ways to make extra money. There are lots of networking out there that will not require you to put up capital. All you could do is register your name, pay for an ID and a brochure then develop a selling skills. You may not earn big time from this especially if you're not that dedicated to their marketing strategies but you could earn 500 to 1000 pesos a month. That's already an add up to your finances.

6. Try to cut down grocery and food budget. Plan your meals in advance. Whenever you go for a shop, make your grocery list and shop with the list. This way, you can avoid buying things not on your list. Buy things on sale but make sure you buy things that you need. It is also good to buy household things (such as laundry powder, fabric conditioner, toothpaste, feminine wash, etc) in bigger sizes. It would save you time and money in the long run.

Always bear in mind that in buying you have to think of two things: Wants and Needs. Ask yourself, do you really need it? Otherwise, do not buy it. Go for things that you really need and not because you only want it.

7. You want to travel? Travel during off season. You can avail lower rates and discounted offers and still get the same excitement and enjoyment of going places. You can also go camping instead of staying in hotels - more fun, more thrill and much more adventurous.

8. Lots of old clothes but still wearable? You can have it on garage sale. Who says you cannot earn money from old stuff?

9. Trim away credit cards. One credit card and you can still survive. Select a credit card that offers great deals yet lower annual fee. If you want gadgets, opt for items that can be bought using your credit card's installment mode. For BPI, they have S.I.P (Special Installment Plan), for HSBC, they H.I.P (HSBC Installment Plan). I advice to transfer your regular balance to your installment balance (I guess applicable only in BPI). This way you don't need to spend big amount at once plus your regular purchases will be controlled.

10. Have a goal. Why do you want to save? Work out and reach that goal.

With these tips, I am not saying you have to tighten your belt, starve yourself to death or deprive yourself. It is good to splurge yourself once in a while but make sure not to over do it. When you've accomplished something and you feel like congratualating yourself, go out sometime, shop for things you want, celebrate and still be in controlled.

Here is a frugal thought from Benjamin Franklin:

The way to wealth is as plain as the way to market. It depends chiefly on two words, industry and frugality: that is, waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both. Without industry and frugality nothing will do, and with them everything.

Is your boyfriend your bestfriend?

This thought had just pop out in my mind after I have read a post that goes like this (a long list, and I only copy and paste here the point of my momentum, in other words my impulsive posting):

Your best friend: Boyfriend

An acquaintance of mine (I only met him once, so I couldn't say friend) told me or rather told everyone that never ever treated your boyfriend or girlfriend as best friend.

I also remember I have read somewhere in a magazine (Cosmopolitan, perhaps) the same thing.

If you have to asked me now who is my best friend, I will definitely answer my boyfriend is my best friend.

I guess the reasons why, as this acquaintance of mine and the magazine pointed out, are:

First, your relationship is at a higher level than that of a best friend. Treating your boy/girl as your best pal would lessen out the intimacy you would feel for each other.

Second, when you say best friend it means he/she knows you inside out, your secrets and everything. When it comes to a more intimate relationship, let the mystery effect lingers on. Always have this 'I wonder...' thing left in your girl/bf. This way you encourage your girl/boy to do extra effort of knowing more about you.

Third, you will feel very, very comfortable with each other to the point that boy may not do the extra effort of 'porma' or vice-versa (it do happen, believe me :) ).

Fourth, and the most important thing is: when you reach the point of breaking up, it would not be so hard on you moving on compared to when you're missing your talks with him, the hanging out and the realization that you're losing both your boyfriend and your best friend at once.

Those are just some thoughts. You may not agree to all these and whatever your opinion is you have reasons to cling on to that. Anyway, it is hard not treat your boyfriend as best friend especially if he's the only one you can share your problem to. But as long as the boyfriend thing is higher than the friendship thing then there will be no problem.

Scrambled Thoughts

Earlier on, I was posting a shout out in plurk of how busy I am and couldn't find time to blog. I never thought that today I could finally have the time I was craving for. Oh yes I had the time but the thing is my thought is somewhere out there, unalign to what I want to accomplish. I have the time, I don't have the inspirations. I am writing just for the fun of writing and posting it here, for the purpose of updating my blog. I know this post is something my reader will not appreciate...

My mind is pre-occupied of things possible, impossible and unseen. Work, deadline, documentations, family, MONEY, life, blogs, what topics to write about, worries, tomorrows. One overlaps the other. My brain is as messy as my hair (lol) and I know cutting my hair won't solve the problem.

I woke up today with a bunch of to do list in my memory. Half of the day already gone, unfortunately, not one has been accomplished (yet, hopefully). Blame the network problem. Blame the RoboHelp for not being activated. Blame... oh gosh! I guess there is no one to blame anyway.

They said the hardest part of saving is the getting started part. I guess this also applies to everything in life, generally speaking.

This is me with my screaming thoughts. I am still hoping I could come up with something worth reading today like how to saves up time.

Thoughts and actions intertwined

Watch your thought, for they become words.

Watch your words for they become actions

Understand your actions for they become habits

Study your habits for they become your character

Develop your character for it will become your destiny

Tiny Fashion Tips For Tiny Women

If you have a petite body shape like mine, you already know that you need to try a different fashion style in order to accentuate your body shape and to excuse the pun, to look taller.

I got these few useful tips from online that I would like to share, pardon me but I don't recall when and from what site. Perhaps a year ago, with the same sentiments of feeling 'not just my day' self, I had browsed the net to look for a fashion tips that could help me enhance my outside personality.

I salute whoever wrote this tips. The great fashion tips is in choosing the right style that can actually achieve the illusion of being taller than usual (lol).

You basic goal is to create the illusion of height. You desire to make yourself look taller than you really are. This means you need to learn how the clothes you wear impact on the length of your legs and your body. Creating the illusion is rather simple and the results can be dramatic.

Better without belts
(what?? I didn't know that. I love fashion belts and it really accentuate and adds effect when paired on a simple blouse, well, let see the reason why...)

Throw away your belts. Why? Because belts cut up your body into smaller pieces – top and bottom and what you really want is one long elongated body shape. Just stand in front of a mirror and look for yourself. Wear a large, heavy belt across your waist. What you will see is the top part of your body separated, so to speak, from the bottom part. This will only make you look tinier. Now, remove the belt. Already your body looks longer.

Color me with one color
(there, I am huge follower of this line. But I don't like wearing one color from top to bottom, I feel like a post)

Colors are great to create illusions with. There is one simple rule with colors. If you mix them by wearing one color on the top and another on the bottom, you'll get a similar effect to the belt effect. Your body will be divided into two parts. This will make you look shorter. If you want to achieve the illusion of height, the very best thing to do is to wear a monochromatic outfit. That means, simply chose one color and wear it from top to bottom.

Make pants your partner in crime
(great! I love pants)

Pants are a great illusion maker. In fact, instead of wearing a long skirt in the belief that it will make you look taller, choos
e pants each and every time. Long skirts serve to hide your legs and this creates a short and stumpy look. Long skirts are only for tall people. As a petite woman always choose pants with a long hem line, because they will accentuate your legs and make you look taller.

No weight around the waist

Many fashion trends call for extra fabric around the waist, or added items like pockets,
and wraps. But remember, you always need to minimize anything around your waist to create the illusion of an elongated look. So, remove whatever you have around your waist. Keep fabric light and thing, never bulky and tick. Keep all clothing around your waist well-fitted or tight. Forget the oversized t-shirts and jackets.

Vertical lines for vertical height

This is the oldest trick in the book. Vertical patterns and vertical lines on your clothing items will always create the illusion of an elongated look. Throw out the horizontal lines and stick to anything vertical. Even one single line along a pair of pants or jeans will make a massive difference to your height.

These are just some fashion statements. If you have your own style then go for it. Me, on the other hand go for comfortability. And when I am feeling confident with what I am on, then that's it - that will be my fashion. After all, beauty is all about how you bring it!

Who? Me?

Just some few things about me which I would like to write:

1. The beauty of nature makes me smile.

2. I live for simplicity. I don't like complications.

3. If I could live and choose for different life style, I would choose to live in a country side, maybe own a small farm or a wide ranch. Be a cowgirl (or maybe marry a cowboy!).

4. I want to go to Texas. This wild, untamed place holds a lure to me. I want to enjoy its summer heat. I want to run on its seemingly endless plains and pastures.

5. I want to see a palace, not live on it.

6. I love cats and dogs and I want to own one of each and train them to play with each other.

7. I don't like cockroach but I hate killing them. As much as I really like to kill them but there's a creeping feeling of something whenever I stomped on them.

9. I would love to be the one doing the wedding proposal (only that I don't want to take my bf's privilege of doing that)

10. Since I started blogging, I am looking forward to earning a badge, a friendly award or any award that I could blog about.

My sister's coming of age

I always considered that celebrating the coming of age is always special; should be exceptional. This is the time when a girl is officially considered a woman, not in experience, but in age. This is the official stage when a girl is no longer a child, can no longer be treated as a child.

8 years ago. I was the same vibrant, cheerful youth as my sister is. I was very excited to get a little bit older than 17. I thought that if I gain age, my whole world (the world of a 17 year old consisted of her family, friends and classmates, childhood sweetheart
, foes, etc) will start to look upon me differently. And true to what I thought, my world started to change but not the way I want it to be. I was expecting that my family will give me a little bit more freedom than I usually enjoy; that my mother who is very strict (then) will finally allow me to entertain suitors, go on a date and have a boyfriend; that I could go home beyond 10p.m. without my mother raging because I'm late; that since I am officially an adult I could have my own decisions with whatever I want to do with my life; and most of all, they will stop treating me as a child and the usual pinching, occasional slapping and berating from my mother will cease. I was all wrong!

What changed? Lots of things changed. I had a curfew, I am not allowed to go out with 'barkada', I am not allowed to laugh
out loud or giggle outside, in the middle of the street or whenever boys are around. Boring? Yes, but this is the life I was and still accustomed to. My younger life was spent on home cleaning, tending to my younger siblings, listening to music whole day, attending mass every Sunday, writing my journal to spill out everything, which is supposedly a secret. I told you, if you want to keep something from your family, never write it down on a diary. And studying... Despite all those strictness I don't have any resentment towards my mother because I know that with her disciplining method I've been molded to a better person that I am now.

My youngest sister had just celebrated her debut. She was the baby I look after whenever my mother was tending to other important famil
y stuff. She was the cute girl crying whenever soap bubbles entered her eyes when I was giving her a bath. She was the small kid I was defending every time her playmates bullied her. She was the same little girl I hugged whenever she was scolded. She was my living barbie doll. I used to bring her to school and I stood, a very proud 'ate' whenever my classmates swarmed around her because she was a very sweet and adorable child. I smiled, ear to ear whenever my teacher said "ang cute naman ng sister mo" (your sister is so adorable). She was the baby of the family. Time passes by so fast that the once our baby is now all grown up, charming and beautiful. But she is still vulnerable.

Now I understand why my mother did not give me the freedom I was longing to have because of the same reason I am feeling right now towards my sister's turning
point to adult life. I am afraid. I am afraid that she might do a wrong decision that would implicate her whole life. I am frightened because now, she will be more expose to harsh realities of life. And the very thing I am afraid of is seeing her fall in love with a wrong guy. I am afraid that I can no longer protect her and snatch her away from any troubles, failures and sadness she might encounter now that she has to emerge out of her comfort zone.

At her age, she already got so many suitors. And Lord knows how many fling relationship did she already have that were unknown to our mother. Once I asked about her recent 27-year old suitor. "Do you like him?" What I got was just a shrug of her shoulders combined with the words "ewan ko" (I don't know).

She could have directly said yes if she likes the guy or a simple no if not. But based on her reaction, she indirectly spelled out that she likes the guy. Plus, I can see that she is enjoying it. Being a protective sister that I am, I could not help but hope and pray she knows her boundaries and limitations and be strong enough to resists any temptations. I've been there, I've seen the curiosity in my young friends before and I know how younger people behave towards something they'd been longing to discover. I know that she too will feel it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will use her head to think first before doing something she will regret for the rest of her life.

I know that each of us have our own tim
e, our own way to discover things and our own intellect to approach things as they are. I could not tie her down and control her every decision. Trusting her and letting her discover things on her own will is also giving her every chance to know herself, to grow into a matured person, and to equip her with lessons that can only be learned from experience. There is something I can offer though, that is giving her valuable advice, guide her and be always there for her whenever she's down. She is no longer the child I used to defend. Even if she still is considered the baby of the family, I need to give her the freedom to fight her own battle. And the best advice that I could give is for her to take life one step at a time, never to hurry and savor every moment of it because she'll gonna miss this when she'd gain age.

As the song goes:

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this...

God bless her.

50 things to live by (by Maui V. Reyes)

I've been going the ups and downs of life's bumpy ride and still got a little understanding of the true essence of life. When I happen to stumble upon few lines of quotes about life in general, that helps me understand a little about myself.

I've read some qoutable lines in an old article of Philippine Daily Inquirer and can't help but re-post it here. The ones in bold are the ones I like the most and of course those are the ones I can relate to.


1. With regards to problems, always remember that when it rains, it pours. And sometimes, there can be even hailstorm -- even in the Philippines.

2. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Is it worth all the worrying?

3. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going to.

4. No matter where you go, there will always be bad drivers.

5. If someone compliments you, smile and accept it. Take a moment to remember all the people who helped make you worthy of the compliment.

6. Stop "sleeping on it [problems]." If it were a real problem, you wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.

7. The only permanent thing in life is change. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be happy.

8. Stop worrying about "what-ifs." Things will happen if they're meant to happen.

9. Sunscreen was invented for a reasons.

10. Remember that it takes both rain and sunshine to make rainbows.

11. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world suddenly remembers it has to be somewhere else.

12. Beer doesn't have the answer to problems. It only puts worries on hold.

13. You can't make people like you, and you can't please everyone.

14. Tequila is evil. It will always be evil, so don't expect that it will go easy on you next time.

15. Practice makes perfect, even if sometimes you hit several cars along the way.

16. The opposite of "love" is not "hate," but "not give a damn."

17. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach -- and flunk those who can.

18. You can cry over spilled milk. Just be sure to clean up afterward.


19. If at first you do succeed, try not to act surprised.

20. Always be friendly to the people you meet on your way to the top. You are going to meet them on your way down.

21. To make your dreams come true, you have to wake up first.

22. You are never a failure unless you blame someone else.

23. There are a lot of things taught in school that you think you won't need. And indeed, most of them, you really don't need.

24. The teacher you hate the most gives you the worst grades, doesn't credit you for your efforts, and can't be bought. He goes by the name "Experience."


25. Don't talk unless you can improve the silence.

26. There is a big difference between "like" and "love." Learn which is which.

27. Only you can really hear your heart breaking and your real friends are the one who hear its echo.

28. If you don't have anything nice to say about your neighbor, it's best to shut up, keep things to yourself, and walk away. Why destroy a person's image when you yourself have to work on yours?

29. Sometimes, it's best to keep your feelings to yourself.

30. Cry him/her a river. Then build a bridge and walk over it. You may have to repeat the "procedure" a couple of times before you can stop building bridges.

31. When someone says he/she likes you, he/she just might really mean it.

32. True friends will make fun of what you do but support you all the way. Acquaintances will praise your work, and then not give a damn.

33. It's no use hanging on to a relationship that is only in your head. Wake up and make it happen.

34. A true friend won't jump off a cliff with you. He'll be at the bottom to catch you.

35. If he can't see what an awesome and amazing person you are, move on... while secretly wishing that one day he will.


36. Parents give their children two things: roots and wings. Children give their parents two things: screaming fits and migraines.

37. Remember that someday, you, too, will be getting screaming fits and migraines. So try to reduce what you give your parents.

38. Always remember that your mom had one foot in the grave to bring you to this world. And your father had to bear with her mood swings for nine months.

39. Family isn't just about being related. It's about actually being there for each other through thick and thin.

40. If you want to keep something from your family, don't write it down in your diary. (definitely not write it down)

41. The perfect, normal family is the one that is dysfunctional with many skeletons in the closet.

42. If your mother tells you to brush your teeth before going to bed or your teeth will rot, she's telling the truth.


43. It's okay to cry and bawl your eyes out once in awhile.

44. Always have some alone time. Watch a movie by yourself, have a drink in a cafe or go shopping.

45. People have their own quirks. But unless they involve public nudity and self-mutilation, don't try to change them.

46. You don't have to wait until New Year's day to make a resolution.

47. Love and respect yourself. If you can't, how will others love and respect you?

48. There is no such thing as a "perfect" body. If there is, then Barbie dolls would have come in different shapes and sizes.

49. Forgive yourself for torturing yourself.

50. You are an awesome person. Don't change for anyone.

When is the right time to move out (of the company)?

For days I was contemplating of writing and publishing this post. And whether writing down my thoughts would help me unload the heaviness I felt inside.

I remember two years ago when I attended an initial interview, my interviewer had asked me something that goes like this: "Do you think that your two-year stay with your company is enough for you to decide to get out?" I was speechless for a moment. I stuttered. And I think I reply something like "yes". Ugh. That was not the right answer, definitely not the right answer. And I guess, it was the reason why I was not shortlisted.

By then it was not very clear to me why I want to move out. Everytime I was asked for reasons of leaving, I always used the already worn-out statement: carreer move. And I could not supply statement that could justify my reason. I guess, behind the carreer-move reason is the willingness to stay, the enjoyment of working with the same colleagues, the enjoyment of doing the same thing everyday, the fulfilled feeling of doing something important and be recognized for it. And that carreer-move reason is just a mask for me to get out of the company because of financial reason.

As I gain years of working in my current company, I realized that time is not a factor for one employee to say "I've spent my maximum years here, I need to move out".

I am on my 3 years going to 4 years of stay with the company that has been my second home, a place where I had found friendship, an institution that had built my carreer over the last three years... as much as I don't want to be nostalgic about it but I can now say it's time for me to move on.

As I am pondering the thoughts of 'moving on', I have researched and written down the hidden reasons why one employee seeks other opportunities:

  1. The job or workplace was not as expected
  2. The mismatch between job and person
  3. Too little coaching and feedback
  4. Too few growth and advancement opportunities
  5. Feeling devalued and unrecognized
  6. Stress from overwork and work-life imbalance
  7. Loss of trus and confidence in senior leaders

... these speak it all.

(Source: 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave)

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