Is your boyfriend your bestfriend?

This thought had just pop out in my mind after I have read a post that goes like this (a long list, and I only copy and paste here the point of my momentum, in other words my impulsive posting):

Your best friend: Boyfriend

An acquaintance of mine (I only met him once, so I couldn't say friend) told me or rather told everyone that never ever treated your boyfriend or girlfriend as best friend.

I also remember I have read somewhere in a magazine (Cosmopolitan, perhaps) the same thing.

If you have to asked me now who is my best friend, I will definitely answer my boyfriend is my best friend.

I guess the reasons why, as this acquaintance of mine and the magazine pointed out, are:

First, your relationship is at a higher level than that of a best friend. Treating your boy/girl as your best pal would lessen out the intimacy you would feel for each other.

Second, when you say best friend it means he/she knows you inside out, your secrets and everything. When it comes to a more intimate relationship, let the mystery effect lingers on. Always have this 'I wonder...' thing left in your girl/bf. This way you encourage your girl/boy to do extra effort of knowing more about you.

Third, you will feel very, very comfortable with each other to the point that boy may not do the extra effort of 'porma' or vice-versa (it do happen, believe me :) ).

Fourth, and the most important thing is: when you reach the point of breaking up, it would not be so hard on you moving on compared to when you're missing your talks with him, the hanging out and the realization that you're losing both your boyfriend and your best friend at once.

Those are just some thoughts. You may not agree to all these and whatever your opinion is you have reasons to cling on to that. Anyway, it is hard not treat your boyfriend as best friend especially if he's the only one you can share your problem to. But as long as the boyfriend thing is higher than the friendship thing then there will be no problem.

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