Scrambled Thoughts

Earlier on, I was posting a shout out in plurk of how busy I am and couldn't find time to blog. I never thought that today I could finally have the time I was craving for. Oh yes I had the time but the thing is my thought is somewhere out there, unalign to what I want to accomplish. I have the time, I don't have the inspirations. I am writing just for the fun of writing and posting it here, for the purpose of updating my blog. I know this post is something my reader will not appreciate...

My mind is pre-occupied of things possible, impossible and unseen. Work, deadline, documentations, family, MONEY, life, blogs, what topics to write about, worries, tomorrows. One overlaps the other. My brain is as messy as my hair (lol) and I know cutting my hair won't solve the problem.

I woke up today with a bunch of to do list in my memory. Half of the day already gone, unfortunately, not one has been accomplished (yet, hopefully). Blame the network problem. Blame the RoboHelp for not being activated. Blame... oh gosh! I guess there is no one to blame anyway.

They said the hardest part of saving is the getting started part. I guess this also applies to everything in life, generally speaking.

This is me with my screaming thoughts. I am still hoping I could come up with something worth reading today like how to saves up time.

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