Tiny Fashion Tips For Tiny Women

If you have a petite body shape like mine, you already know that you need to try a different fashion style in order to accentuate your body shape and to excuse the pun, to look taller.

I got these few useful tips from online that I would like to share, pardon me but I don't recall when and from what site. Perhaps a year ago, with the same sentiments of feeling 'not just my day' self, I had browsed the net to look for a fashion tips that could help me enhance my outside personality.

I salute whoever wrote this tips. The great fashion tips is in choosing the right style that can actually achieve the illusion of being taller than usual (lol).

You basic goal is to create the illusion of height. You desire to make yourself look taller than you really are. This means you need to learn how the clothes you wear impact on the length of your legs and your body. Creating the illusion is rather simple and the results can be dramatic.

Better without belts
(what?? I didn't know that. I love fashion belts and it really accentuate and adds effect when paired on a simple blouse, well, let see the reason why...)

Throw away your belts. Why? Because belts cut up your body into smaller pieces – top and bottom and what you really want is one long elongated body shape. Just stand in front of a mirror and look for yourself. Wear a large, heavy belt across your waist. What you will see is the top part of your body separated, so to speak, from the bottom part. This will only make you look tinier. Now, remove the belt. Already your body looks longer.

Color me with one color
(there, I am huge follower of this line. But I don't like wearing one color from top to bottom, I feel like a post)

Colors are great to create illusions with. There is one simple rule with colors. If you mix them by wearing one color on the top and another on the bottom, you'll get a similar effect to the belt effect. Your body will be divided into two parts. This will make you look shorter. If you want to achieve the illusion of height, the very best thing to do is to wear a monochromatic outfit. That means, simply chose one color and wear it from top to bottom.

Make pants your partner in crime
(great! I love pants)

Pants are a great illusion maker. In fact, instead of wearing a long skirt in the belief that it will make you look taller, choos
e pants each and every time. Long skirts serve to hide your legs and this creates a short and stumpy look. Long skirts are only for tall people. As a petite woman always choose pants with a long hem line, because they will accentuate your legs and make you look taller.

No weight around the waist

Many fashion trends call for extra fabric around the waist, or added items like pockets,
and wraps. But remember, you always need to minimize anything around your waist to create the illusion of an elongated look. So, remove whatever you have around your waist. Keep fabric light and thing, never bulky and tick. Keep all clothing around your waist well-fitted or tight. Forget the oversized t-shirts and jackets.

Vertical lines for vertical height

This is the oldest trick in the book. Vertical patterns and vertical lines on your clothing items will always create the illusion of an elongated look. Throw out the horizontal lines and stick to anything vertical. Even one single line along a pair of pants or jeans will make a massive difference to your height.

These are just some fashion statements. If you have your own style then go for it. Me, on the other hand go for comfortability. And when I am feeling confident with what I am on, then that's it - that will be my fashion. After all, beauty is all about how you bring it!

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