I'm still here...

Hey guys! I know that you are really wondering why I'm not showing any hint of existence in the blog-sphere. Sorry guys but I have so much going on right now, work work and work with some life's problem here and there. Don't worry guys I'm still fine and can still keep up.

But sure I'm checking some of the blogs I'm following especially ricademus and weezer, reading a bit of your posts but unable to leave some comments.

Nothing much is going on with my life right now except that just recently our first nephew, my parent's first grandchild died :( I actually had drafted a post of our misery but decided against it. It will just bring bad memories each time I read it. I don't wanna prolong bad vibes.

Anyway, good luck to all of you guys! This is just a quick post, got to work. I've got to conduct knowledge transfer session today with the company's newly hired QA
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