Worst drivers

Taking a jeep everyday to my work is a mundane task. It is very seldom that I took a cab unless I was on a hurry to catch on an appointment or if I am not that familiar with the place. I could list reasons why I don't usually like taking a cab.

1. Taking a cab on a rush hour is like finding a needle in a haystack.

2. If you're lucky you will find one but the driver would usually say your way is out of he's way or that...

3. ...the driver will usually ask for a fixed amount and will refuse to have the taxi meter running.

4. Worst, you will find a sardonic and whining driver, with a bad temper and the only clear words you can hear are his curses and he will drop you somewhere far from your destination.

The last time I rode a cab, that was after the holy week, I was carrying a large travelling bag and taking a jeepney was not a good idea. When I told him of the address, I didn't get a nod of an agreement, he compelled me to get into a the cab and hurry. I told him again of the address, this time I was more specific. He said something in english, I wasn't able to catch up maybe because I still felt giddy from hours of travel and from my early engagement of a combat in the LRT station. So I just shrugged off what he said and kept silent. On our way to Dela Rose, of course it was a Monday after the long holiday, a morning at that and traffics are expected everywhere but this manong driver was complaining and slamming his hands on the steering wheel while muttering something like he was blaming me for being stuck in a traffic. The way he maneuvered the stick shift, it was as if he could pull it off . When I was approaching the street, I told him to turn right. He said: "there is no right turn in there, it's a one way you know." He's right of course, but the way he spoke it, he was like evoking an argument.

I told him in levelheaded manner "okay lang po manong, kung wala. Akala ko po kasi my right turn dyan dahil meron po mga vehicles na lumiliko dyan. Ok lang po, dito na lang ako sa tabi, wag na po tayo mag-argue" (It's just alright Manong, you can just drop me off here. It's just that I often see vehicles turning right. Let's not just argue.)

"I was just protecting my license you know. My license is very expensive.. blah blah blah".

I gave him my fare, he did not even handed me back my change. I was in silent but I was very upset. I did not say thank you and got out of the cab as fast as I could. The driver sarcastically yell "salamat" (thank you) and I answered it with a slam of the door.

It was my start of the week and will still be heading to office. I did not want to ruin my day by engaging in a heated argument. Slamming of the door was all I could do. But I was very upset my head felt like bursting! Blaming me for getting him stucked in a traffic, wt*@#!!
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