Let's go bargain shopping

With the holiday fast approaching, everyone are going in and out of malls for their digs of gift items. But with the budget on the look, most of the people are heading to the cheapest place in the heart of Manila, to Divisoria, where shoppers can do their bargain shopping -- great finds at the lowest price! If you enjoy haggle then you'll find Divi, despite of it being crowded, a must place to go for shopping.

I'm taking advantage of tomorrow's holiday and planning my value shopping trip to Divisoria. I'm expecting my shopping would not be a breeze, streets will be jam-packed so I'm just crossing my fingers for a nice weather tomorrow. I'm also preparing myself for a haggling, walking and bargaining.

My first stop - Divisoria Mall - a three-story shopping mall and market along Juan Luna Street. Here I plan to buy toys for my nephews and nieces, t-shirts/shors for my inaanak, gift items for office mates and friends.

Second stop, if I'm lucky, I could roam around Tabora St. to look for threads that my mama could use for her sewing needs and gantsilyo making. I remember the last time I came for a holiday shop in Divi, Tabora St. were so crowded I could hardly move.

Third stop, 168 mall. Most of the people go here for modern and more convenient wholesale and retail shopping. This mall houses wide selections of stores offering all kinds of commodities from novely items, bags, shoes, office supplies, RTWs and other.

With a company of good friends, I will surely enjoy shopping. But beware, some are so engaged with their shopping that they didn't notice their wallets or celfones are already gone.

Here are few tips that I just wanna share:

- list down items that you want to buy and estimate the price
- come down to a budget and bring money that is just close within your allotted budget
- arm yourself with a cash, credit cards are useless here. Just enough cash and beware of pick pockets
- dress comfortably, don't wear jewelries
- be alert and always mind your belongings

My first blog award, ever!

Just wanted to brag about this new blog award I received from Aries. Thank you so much for letting me know my thoughts (some are jabbers) went unnoticed.

I am passing this on to the following:

1. RicAdemus (http://ricademus.blogspot.com)
2. Weezer (http://weezershaven.blogspot.com)
3. Ems (http://robinemz.blogspot.com)

I would like to add more when I get back. Right now, need to go back to work. The server is now up and running which means time to get busy.

On Breaking Up and Moving On

Why is that most of the guys I happened to encounter lately are, apology for my term but this I think would best describe them, -- chicken!

How would you call a guy who you've fallen in love with, whom you stayed in love with for years, whom you expect to go on loving for years to come, will just be gone like a bubble disappearing in thin air without any word leaving someone in a limbo


I haven't been in the position of a woman being left behind but I can't help it but feel my friend's recent torment. A breakup, where two people agreed to set part ways can still be emotionally painful but when a relationship has come to an end without you knowing the reason behind why it happened, it can be distressing.

An advice to any guys out there who wanted so much to get out in a relationship but doesn't know how to do it, don't just leave your woman hanging. You are just hurting her more. Don't be so chicken that you just think and decide "it's alright, she can easily forget me". Knowing a woman, she'll keep on asking why and will not be fully appeased until she got an answer. Worst, she'll be afraid to re-establish another relationship. Have a courage to talk to her and say what you really mean to say. If it's breaking free with the relationship, let her be the first to know. And end it in person not thru emails, texts or phone calls. Have the decency to say it to her face.

For girls, surely you can move on. This is not the end of world for you yet. If a guy wants out he means it and for you wanting to go back into a relationship with this person likely won't change the fact that he does not want it anymore.

If a guy left you without a word of hint and you keep on thinking about why's and what ifs, then seek a formal closure. Don't be afraid to ask for a meeting and say your final goodbye. Remember that the purpose of your meeting is to end the relationship so don't hope and try to patch things up with him. When you're done, move on with your life. It is normal that at first you'll feel the pain each time you think of him and your days together. How to deal life when you're hurting? I always advice a friend to do some makeover but not for the purspose of winning back the guy but to gain the confidence she had lost. Focus your attention to your job, enjoy being free. But never jump into another relationship unless you're all healed and ready to love again. Look for someone who knows how to appreciate you. Don't settle for something less.

Closure: Why is it really important to have this even for past relationship?

Here's an explanation I found which I like most:

Why look back?

Chapman: If you move out of a relationship without resolving past relationship hurts, disappointments and failures, you may hamper your ability to be open, to trust, to engage or to be close and honest. The moment you get into another relationship, these issues tend to arise. In fact, most of the problems that people have in relationships come from "unfinished business" from prior relationships.

And another one, how to let go of exes without needing closure

My wish to this friend of mine is a fast healing process and a love that she is wishing to be hers forever.


It feels good to be writing again! Glad that the inspiration struck me today and had the time to entertain this pleasure of writing.

Chasing Holidays

For anyone wondering about my new job, well it's no longer a new job :) Been with the same company for 10 months now. Adjustment period was over but the busy days are not, projects keeps on coming so my hands are all tied.

As of now, I'm aligning myself tight with the project schedule. Today, just got a few minutes to hover online hoping to find a pleasant destruction from all of the stress I'm keeping inside. Received a comment from ricademus. The line 'new job' just beat some writing words off my head.

Oh, new job. Not that I'm not happy about it but when you're draining all you could say is 'ugh'!

Anyway, I should be happy and refreshed today because I just got from a two-day vacation. But remembering those two days, those weren't actually relaxing. I'm looking forward to another holiday but the next holidays are still more than a month from now.
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