Let's go bargain shopping

With the holiday fast approaching, everyone are going in and out of malls for their digs of gift items. But with the budget on the look, most of the people are heading to the cheapest place in the heart of Manila, to Divisoria, where shoppers can do their bargain shopping -- great finds at the lowest price! If you enjoy haggle then you'll find Divi, despite of it being crowded, a must place to go for shopping.

I'm taking advantage of tomorrow's holiday and planning my value shopping trip to Divisoria. I'm expecting my shopping would not be a breeze, streets will be jam-packed so I'm just crossing my fingers for a nice weather tomorrow. I'm also preparing myself for a haggling, walking and bargaining.

My first stop - Divisoria Mall - a three-story shopping mall and market along Juan Luna Street. Here I plan to buy toys for my nephews and nieces, t-shirts/shors for my inaanak, gift items for office mates and friends.

Second stop, if I'm lucky, I could roam around Tabora St. to look for threads that my mama could use for her sewing needs and gantsilyo making. I remember the last time I came for a holiday shop in Divi, Tabora St. were so crowded I could hardly move.

Third stop, 168 mall. Most of the people go here for modern and more convenient wholesale and retail shopping. This mall houses wide selections of stores offering all kinds of commodities from novely items, bags, shoes, office supplies, RTWs and other.

With a company of good friends, I will surely enjoy shopping. But beware, some are so engaged with their shopping that they didn't notice their wallets or celfones are already gone.

Here are few tips that I just wanna share:

- list down items that you want to buy and estimate the price
- come down to a budget and bring money that is just close within your allotted budget
- arm yourself with a cash, credit cards are useless here. Just enough cash and beware of pick pockets
- dress comfortably, don't wear jewelries
- be alert and always mind your belongings


RicAdeMus said...

I'm glad you're on the lookout for pick-pockets and jewelry thieves. I guess this is their favorite time of year too. I hope you have beautiful weather and a great time shopping.

Have fun!

Weezer said...

Hello, dear friend. Thanks for stopping by and offering such wonderful words of encouragement while I've been out of communication with my broken ankle.
Thank you for the wonderful award. And congratulations on receiving it.
I'll be gone for a week next week on a mission church trip to Belize. I'll drop in and say hello when I get back.

RicAdeMus said...

Thanks for visiting, it's always nice to hear frim you. I like the profile picture that popped up along with your comments. =)

IamNoOne said...

@Ricademus: that profile had been there all along, you just didn't notice ;) Merry Christmas!

@Weezer: I hope you're ankle is doing good.

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