He Will Not Fail You

When you have given your all. When nothing is left within you but emptiness. When you think you are not enough. When everything else fails. Remember God will not fail you. He will not forsake you. If you are in your situation right now where everything seems to be pulling you apart? God will give you a way out. He will not give you something you cannot bear.


Heavenly Hugs

What's warmer than a hug when we're feeling lonely and sad? An affectionate squeeze encircles our body and embraces our heart. It makes us feel cared for, wanted and valued - Grace Fox

God have arms. Yours and mine are extensions of His. God wants to comfort the hurting. And He magically does that through us. Sometimes, that means literally extending physical hugs to other person. Other times it can be extended by emotional hugs through service, kind words, affirmation, encouragement, showing you care, giving your appreciation, expressing your thankfulness, offering a smile, etc...

Opportunities sorround us. If you are presented with one, don't let it pass without you taking advantage that chance to extend His heavenly hugs.

- Nessy
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