I want Christmas Joys to Last

A whole year had gone by and before I knew it, this year's Christmas had already slipped off. Food were everywhere. Streets were busy and shopping malls were jam-packed with people who had jiggled their way for a last minute shopping. Everyone was filled with Christmas spirit. Even strangers I had met along the way had looked up and smiled at me with a hint of Christmas greetings in their eyes.

We feel so blessed, happy, forgiving and kind. We forgot misdoings of people who had hurt us. And personally, I want this special feeling to last all year long not just on Christmas season. I want it to last 365 days and repeat the joy of giving, sharing and loving year after year after year. Imagine a place where everyone is kind and living harmoniously with each other, what a perfect place to live!

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas.


RicAdeMus said...

I would love to live in such a place. But I'm afraid the best way I can hang onto the Christmas feeling is to expect rudeness and overlook it, not let it bother me. I have some unpleasant co-workers, but I won't let them bring me down--at least I will try not to.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and spirit stays with you.

IamNoOne said...

Hi Ric, you never fails my friend. And a great advice too --not let it bother, don't let them bring you down-- i'll take note of that. Thanks!

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