Who? Me?

Just some few things about me which I would like to write:

1. The beauty of nature makes me smile.

2. I live for simplicity. I don't like complications.

3. If I could live and choose for different life style, I would choose to live in a country side, maybe own a small farm or a wide ranch. Be a cowgirl (or maybe marry a cowboy!).

4. I want to go to Texas. This wild, untamed place holds a lure to me. I want to enjoy its summer heat. I want to run on its seemingly endless plains and pastures.

5. I want to see a palace, not live on it.

6. I love cats and dogs and I want to own one of each and train them to play with each other.

7. I don't like cockroach but I hate killing them. As much as I really like to kill them but there's a creeping feeling of something whenever I stomped on them.

9. I would love to be the one doing the wedding proposal (only that I don't want to take my bf's privilege of doing that)

10. Since I started blogging, I am looking forward to earning a badge, a friendly award or any award that I could blog about.

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