I am so hating SPAM Text

I was engrossed with my documentation work when suddenly my phone buzz. When I checked it, only number is displayed. Since I am a retailer of load, I was thinking it might be a friend who wants to purchase a load. Instinct, open it and read a message that goes like this:

Say I love my mama 3x.. and send it to number of people. If you ignore this text, your mother will die on November 2.


It really bugged me BIG TIME! Not only it destroyed my momentum, but I hate it that they're using someone closed to you just for money?

I right away deleted the text and mumbled 'In Jesus Name' to oppose whatever evil, negative notion the message has. I am not a believer of this trail-text. I can't help but also hate the people who believe in all these pranks, lies, whatever.

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