Participate in the poll and get an emblem for your blog

Hi everyone,

I just would like to have a little survey of my blog and the impact of its content on my readers. Please take time to participate. Appreciate it, thanks.

Please let me know thru comments if you had casted your vote. I will be giving a little token for your blog later once the poll is closed.

Here's the deal: Once you vote, I will tag you and include your link in my poll closing post.

Want this emblem? then vote now? Lots of emblems available!

(Thanks for Scrapblog)

Note: Poll closes on November 27, 2009.


Independent Queen said...

Hey~!! Voted :)

Yolanda said...

Hey Ness, I voted on your site. I think that your content is about myriad of things that are very interesting to all of the senses. I will be a faithful visitor and reader. Keep up the good writing.

IamNoOne said...

@ Independed Queen: Thanks for voting. I drop by your blog and love it.

@ Yolanda: thanks again for visiting my site :)

@ Chuchu ( thanks for participating in my poll. Hope you could drop by again and leave me a comment. Nevertheless, I will still be giving you the emblem.

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