Education: Every Filipino Parents' Legacy

My parents have a deep regard for education and I believe same goes to my fellow Filipinos.

It is very common to hear these words from our elders: "Mahirap lang kami. Ang edukasyon ang tanging yaman na maipapamana namin sa mga anak namin" (We don't have riches. Education is the only thing we could give to our children).

We have this view of education as a primary avenue for social and economic improvement.

There were many major changes that already happened in the educational system of the Philippines.

Education during the pre-spanish era is devoid of method, informal and unstructured. Education is mainly thought by parents at home relating to the common occupation of early Filipino people. They maybe devoid of method, they may have less understanding, they may be unable to read and write but the passion to learn is already running in their veins.

During the spanish colonization, education is for the elite. Education is religion-oriented. Education during this era is not enough, suppressed and controlled. Despite of controlled education, Filipinos look for ways to educate and improve themselves. Look at Andres Bonifacio, despite of not having a formal education but he was self-educated. He read books and he continued and looked for other means of learning.

An open, free and secularized education began sometime during the first Philippine Republic of American Period. The early Philippine Constitution enforced, re-formed and re-organized acts and educational institution were established.

Now where are we?

Our Government are still continuing the endeavor of organizing and establishing good education through out all Filipinos. But despite of all the efforts, lots of out of school children and youths are still roaming around slums and far-flung areas of our country.

There are lots of non-profit organizations, foundations, programs and movements that reach out to less privilege Filipino families. Hand in hand they fight poverty through improving the poor quality of basic education.

But aside from those known foundations, there are group of people with big heart silently reaching out and doing their whatever means of giving children the chance to learn and to stay out of bad vices.

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