Another career realization

The world is evolving.

The universe is moving forward.

The age and civilization we have now is far greater than what we had before.

Lots of changes happening.

Every thing is in great advancement and the question is are you reflecting the latest changes?

No, I'm not talking about fashion only. I'm talking about every thing in general. What's in, what's new and what's in demand from fashion, technology, profession, etc.

Last Saturday, I happen to take sometime off with friends, actually, all of them are previous office mates.

We exchanged chats and laughs about the silly things we did back days. Of course, matters about work is unavoidable.

With all the bits and pieces of life and career updates from each other, I silently evaluated myself. Where am I now?

Career-wise, I think I am being left behind.

Some years ago, all of us were on the same level of knowledge. Fresh grads, first job.

Knowledge-wise, all of them had moved forward for better career-advancement.

I am an IT Professional, my specialization involves testing the software applications developed to suit the business needs of our client. There are several techniques, process and tools involve that a Software Tester like me should know.

My work is in line with technology. Technology evolves at a very fast pace. Last Saturday, realization again hits me to keep abreast with times. To learn the hottest trends or the latest technology. To KEEP on learning.

Now what would I do?

This is something that needs planning. It would involve shifting career or shifting company (I guess, anyone who read my post 'Stay or Quit? It's your Choice' will understand why I came up with these two choices).

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