Some great reads

Reading has always been my interest. It's my form of diversion I remember I developed the first time I learned how to read abc's.

At a younger age, my reads consisted of fairy tale books, nursery rhymes, shool books for basic english learning.

When I reached my adolescence, my reads were reader's digest, gospel books and pocketbooks (tagalog or english).

I am always captivated by narrative of early english era where knights, horses, swords and heroine reigns. Also, stories of historical romance and the early life struggles never fails to imbue my soft side.

A typical hopeless romantic gal, yes I am!

Just today, I have finished reading the last chapter of the online story I was following for over a year. It was a story of a mountain man in the early stage of growth and development of the American frontier.

For a glimpse, here is the introduction of the story written by Judith Bronte.

In the year "Mountain Wild" begins, the American frontier was still in its infancy. The exploits of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were fresh in the hearts and minds of Americans, for their legends were still relatively new. These famous frontiersmen led the way for a nation expanding ever westward, and those who followed in their footsteps were eager to prove themselves equal to the challenge.

A certain breed of men picked up where America's early frontiersmen left off. They were the mountain men. Rocky Mountain trappers hunted the streams in search of beaver, and explored lands that had never before seen white men.

From about 1824 to 1840, mountain men hired by fur companies formed brigades that trekked deep into the wilderness in pursuit of pelts. The furs they caught were later shipped back to "polite society" and turned into hats and all manner of goods.

The few who did not work for fur companies were called free trappers. These mountain men answered to none but themselves, and like their company counterparts, often became as wild and untamed as the Rocky Mountain wilderness in which they lived and died.

This story begins with a free trapper.

Click here if you like to continue reading.

This is a free read. I've been reading Judith Bronte's story online for good years of four. The first time I came accross her site I instantly added it to my favorites. Some of my great reads were 'The Abigail's Journey' and the 'Greatest of These'. One thing I also like about her writings is all her stories are Bible-based, you will see that every chapter reflects God's grace and love.

Well, I just thought perhaps this time I could reciprocate what Judith Bronte has been sharing me thru her books by sharing my reading experience in my blog. I know that by doing this, I had my share of help in spreading the word of God.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

im proud f u coz ur a great reader,im tryingtoo but medyo tamad kc and medyodin kya magbasa for long hours eh.
good job dude...

IamNoOne said...

Always thanks to you ate janet, my offline follower :)

imelda said...

thanks for sharing this post sis. happy sunday!

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