Are you looking for something?

- you have already visited this site
- you are a regular reader
- you are my follower,

you would notice a decrease in number of my posts.

- if you are visiting here again to check out My Chocolate Heaven, certainly, you are not going to find what you are looking for.

Just recently, I decided to create a new blog that will hold all my posts about my chocolate fountain business. Two of my closest friends and offline followers (I say offline because they don't have blogspot account) suggested that I should keep my business posts in a separate site rather than mixing it with my personal thoughts. Make sense! So here I go, struggling to put a site that would hopefully attacts visitors.

Take a look.... My Chocolate Heaven (MCH Pampanga).

Your thoughts are very welcome!

And hey, 9 days left to vote and I'm giving away emblems! Don't miss it!

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