Petition to Stop Killing Dolphins

I am sure most of you already heard the cruel, gruesome mass killing of dolphins. And I am sure that most of you have seen the pictures below depicting the unmerciful killing of innocent dolphins and whales that are nearing extinction. The question is, have you already done something to stop this inhuman practice?

You could do something now. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Petition to stop killing dolphins and whales

I just got this from an email by a friend. This is already going on for a long time - for Denmark, it was a practice since 1584. I know this is kind of late but it is never too late for the world to hear our plea of stopping this non-sense killing.

Whatever is their reason behind this killing might be reasonable on some level, but it is not good enough as an excuse to continue this as a custom, regarding it and accepting it as a mere convention of what - celebrating adulthood?!

Okay, the dolphins and whales were created to serve specific purpose, we may view them as our source of food and other human needs. But my goodness, we're all living now in a civilization far from the primitive world. We don't need to be primitive in our ways of dealing with this. At least, kill them with mercy! Use our technology to kill them with instantaneous death - not in beach shore, not infront of the world's view, not by using spears and hook, stabbing and slicing them to death, that is so inhuman! And to think that the appalling cries of this mammal are reaching their kinds, no wonder one day, the wild be wilder and the tamed untamed.

The pictures you are seeing above are actually from Denmark. But this is also happening in Japan.


Robin and Emz said...

sooooo rued! what kind of unhuman tradition is this?!?! how can these people sleep after watching these dolphins and whales die.. thanks for sharing the post mars..

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I received an email regarding this matter. It's sooo sad. It was heartbreaking to see something like this. =(

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