Random Monday

It's December 1! 23 days to go and it's Chrismas soon! I am still on a long weekend mood. It's Tuesday and I feel like extending the holiday and this conscious feeling is probably the culprit for my being late to office today. Not good considering I'm nearing memo-bingo from our HR officer. Why am I getting so lazy coming to office these days? Uh-oh, this question would probably cause a meaningful smiles from my colleagues. I am hoping my supervisor will not have to cross over this site, that would mean I would go bingo again. Office peeps beware, this is not a good example!

It's been 4 days that I have not gone blogging and today, I just wanna make it up thus the reason why I came with this post random monday - talks about anything I've done within the weekend. I guess, I will have random monday as a regular post everytime we have a long weekend.

Last week, I decided to go for a 'frugal' shopping trip to Divisoria (frugal + shopping = imposible, such a contradicting word lol). Knowing the divisoria corners, streets and malls will be filled with buyers, I decided to go on leave Friday and hit the market.

Saturday and Sunday were another busy days. As you may have known, I have announced the availability of My Chocolate Heaven catering services in Pampanga. Printing and giving away of fliers and calling cards, catching up with friends and of course introducing them my business had kept my hands occupied.

November 30 was another off-work (saya!), this is to commemorate the birthday of our Philippine National Hero - Andres Bonifacio, who fought against Spaniards thus owing him the freedom we Filipinos are basking these days.

I just suddenly remember the lady I've met yesterday at the LRT station in Doroteo Jose. She was carrying large bags - obviously came from buying holiday give aways. She look so depressed. The station security guard prompted her to get into the proper lane. She was replying something and the next thing I heard she'd lost 6,000 pesos while she was busy doing her shopping at Divisoria! I could not help but felt pity for the lady. That's why whenever I went to Divisoria, I don't just hang my bag loosely on my shoulder, I make it sure that I am hugging my bag in front. Also, I don't bring extra cash. I don't put cash on my side pockets, you would not know when a thief would pick your pocket since people there constantly came rushing and brushing on your side often times on your behind. Sling bag is a big no to me, out of carelessness and excitement, you would just leave your bag hanging to your side - an attraction to the hovering thief.

I bought two white shirts with some prints yesterday for 100 bucks each. I feel so sappy and happy that I also bought two shirts for my boyfriend. I will surely take a photo of the shirts and will post it on my next random monday entry.

That's all for my random thoughts. I am not really into blogging of my daily personal activities but to give my blog a touch of my daily activities - I decided to make random monday as a regular monday posts.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend... err, I forgot long weekend did not apply to everyone.


RicAdeMus said...

I'm having the same problem--I don't want to be at work. I'm happy to have a job, but it's "work" just coming here this week.

PS - Thanks for joining! =)

Roms said...

It really was a long weekend and Im glad an IT professional was that busy in the food business. Well, it's your choice and all I can share is pray for your success.. Have a great days ahead and God bless!

acutelife said...

Lolz I think many can identify with you about "happy getting off work" :)
ah, we have many thieves in Indonesia too, Im so used to hugging my bag tightly sometimes my hubby needs to remind me that we're not in Indonesia anymore lolz

RicAdeMus said...

PS - "IamNoOne" was my first choice for a blogging name, but then I went with RicAdeMus since my name is Rick! A friend's father used to call me that once in a while.

IamNoOne said...

@RicAdeMus: there are reasons why I came up with this name, one thing is that I humbly considered myself as nothing without God, friends, and loved ones. And that my writing is nothing compared to some bloggers out here.

@Roms: Thanks for the prayer. Hope you and you're family are doing fine.

@acutelife: Thieves are very rampant here. I have also witnessed a snatcher taking away celfon of a person sitting in front of me. Thanks for dropping by :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, couldn't help smiling at your "frugal shopping". First time I hear or read that.
Does it mean one pair of shoes, one dress, then go home? Ha ha. Just kidding.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

IamNoOne said...

@Uncle Lee: haha... I guess there is really no frugality when it comes to shopping. I exaggerated when I said that but really, I had give aways for 9 friends that costed me a total of PHP162.00 only. Double the price if you'd like to get it from malls. Tnx for dropping :)

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