A thank you note

I still have two days left before I should closed my poll 'Would you re-visit my blog?'. Today, I decided to change my layout and I somehow messed up my HTML codes. My widget Poll1 is displaying nothing; questions and the results are all gone! I could not just re-started the poll because it will spoil my purpose. So I don't have any choice but end it today.

Out of 12 votes, I got 9 Yes votes. Not bad! 1 says he/she is not going to visit my blog again. 1 saying what is it for him/her. The other one says maybe. Guess, I could add up that maybe vote to Yes vote haha...

Out of 12 votes only two had left their comments. Sad but anyways, thanks to both of you Yolanda and Independent Queen for sparing time to leave me a message.

I'm a newbie in blogging and somehow struggling to find a spot in the blogging world. My deepest appreciation for all those who voted.

Here are the emblems, feel free to grab it if you like.

Proud am a Blogger

proud blogger 2

I'm tagging Yolanda and Independent Queen as a friendly blogger.

friendly blogger

Hey, you can also tagged fellow bloggers. Just follow the guidelines:

1. Copy the badge and put it on your blog
2. Link back who pass you this tag
3. Spread this tag to bloggers who you think you are friend with.
Until next time, grosses bises

1 comment:

Independent Queen said...

I'm tagged!!! for the 1st time!!! Hey, sorry that I'm kinda busy lately..as u can see from my post.. I only got like 4-5 post for the whole November! Will spare more time to revisit my fellow blogger friends!


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