Twilight and New Moon: A healthy movie?

Speaking of heroes in my previous post, my writing momentum was suddenly diverted to the current hullabaloo that started just this Friday. November 20 marks the premiere of New Moon, the second sequel to the Twilight movie released last year, which in the same manner as the first sequel, had caused a stirring in the crowds consisted of teens and tweens and the young at heart.

I remembered having said that I am not to drool over this movie simply because I am not a fan of dark romance. But the curiosity forced me to read the book and ironic is I have survived reading the four books despite having known the story is centered to Bella's pathetic side. I must confessed, I was entertained. No, I guess entertained is an understatement. Captivated is the right choice of word. I guess it was the fantasy that lures me, the swooning and delight to the two beautiful teenage guys staged as perfect by the author. I'm ashamed to admit but I think I'm not yet over with this ridiculous teenage emotion that I so believe I once had.

As I've said, I'm a fan too but not to the nth level of bringing myself sandwiched in between people, rushing so I could get the best seat to view, squealing and still mooning around after having to watch the movie three times.

But let me strip the beautiful characters the movie creates and let me give it a fair judgment.

What does this movie entails? How healthy is it for our young minds to view this movie?

For the good life I had past me, I've watched a fairly bunch of good and bad movies. And believe me, when I was younger, there's always this tendency to internalize the things I've watched. Twilight and New Moon and its sequel are all about fantasy of forbidden love, of a very romantic relationship, and some with violence. It is so enticing for a young mind these days especially those in a relationship that they would try applying it to their personal life which is why it makes this movie unhealthy to the young viewers. Always, a guidance of a parents is required.

I have read somewhere in the net and I would like to share it with every adults out there, every parents reading this post and every young minds the true message that is well-hidden in every heart-warming and heartbreaking scenes of Twilight and New Moon, which are being explained

Whenever we are watching movies, let us not just focus on its superficial. Let us draw our attention to the underlying meaning of what we're watching because psychologically we are affected. What we watched influences our behavior, it may not be obvious to yourself but its evidence is manifested on how our youths are reacting these modern days.

Anyway, I'm planning to watch New Moon only after its sensation die down. I don't want to squeeze myself to a movie house packed of people. Again, curiousity drives me about this New Moon. Let's see if this sequel would thrill me as the first sequel did.


Heatherlyn said...

I was not going to read the books, but I ended up reading them, and rereading them. I admit that I enjoyed them a lot. I didn't find the romance dark. Every relationship has its hurdles and growth! I wouldn't rush to see any movie with a bunch of psyched out crowds. But I'll see it in due time. I'm not one to fall in love with people I've never met nor characters from books. It was a great, enjoyable series. But some people seem to take it way too far. :)

imagined said...

Can't yet get myself to read vampire novels. The closest I've gotten recently were werewolves. Used to read some vampire novels when I was a kid, I think, but since it got so popular...

Watched the movie since my family was watching it, too. I am a cinema studies major and common sense can usually tell you about movies. Didn't expect much of it and was not disappointed. It was good visually, but the main actors reminded me of keano, and the character appeal and development was lacking. I was more interested in the side characters. They seemed more lively and colorful.

People say you have to read the book in order to enjoy the movie, but I hold those who can create great, standalone movies out of books without destroying the original story high on my list. Those that do otherwise are probably just trying to milk the books.

Got to admit, though, they've done a good job marketing the idea and culture to people.

IamNoOne said...

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