A Trip on a Budget

Considering the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities, planning on an extravagant trip is out of the context when one is wearing a tight belt around her waist and trying to spend every penny on a very practical way possible.

We at 'bahay ni ate' (it's how we called our boarding house, a place where we shared our life's experiences - bitter and sweet) are bunch of single, family-committed, breadwinner girls. Despite our own family obligations, we aim to fill our young years with colorful memories to look back to when we already gain age. Our 'gimik' is not the usual Friday girl's night out or Saturday's bar hopping or summer getaway in Boracay or a summer trip to Pagudpod.

We always have a budget to consider. We had came up with this idea of going nature tripping in Eco Park. So eager, on August 22, we'd packed our lunch, took a cab, trudge our way thru murky sidewalks (it was raining hard the night before), take some good shots, wander on the mini-forest and we're done! Simpleng paglalakwatsa lang =)

Click here to view my shared memories.

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