Thank God I Am Still Alive

After what just happened this morning, I am very thankful to God that I am still alive and nothing bad happened.

I do not t know what had transpired to my mind that I wasn't thinking any other options but to go with what was my first goal: boarding the jeep right away.

I was on my way to board an Ayala jeep going to our office in Valero. I glanced at my watch and it was already past 9 o'clock. Though I had set it 30 minutes advance to our Acta
teck, I knew that considering the traffic, the usual 5-minute ride will extend to 20 minutes or more if the driver is what they called 'Pacman' (Baggage Boys na matakaw sa pasahero hanggang sa highway. Wa;ang sinasantong "No loading/Unloading" signs. Hinihintuan ang lahat ng tao na pwedeng isakay, parang video player nanag iipon ng points at naghahangad ng bonus. Bukambibig: "Sige, konting bilis lang ho at bawal bumaba dito.").

The traffic light was green for the side of the road going to Ayala but there was this traffic enforcer who was extending the green signal for the vehicles going to PRC. The barker was calling
passengers for Ayala so I told myself, 'Ok I think I have to board that jeep'. The Ayala jeep was in the middle of the road so I need to cross half of the road. I was half crossing the street when the traffic enforcer signaled the vehicles going to PRC to stop while giving a green signal for vehicles going to Ayala.

I was in the middle of the road. I knew that in
a matter of seconds all vehicles will be running fast. It's like as if there was no other option for me but to focus on boarding the jeep. It never occured to me that I could retrace my steps back to the sidewalk and wait for another jeep on a red light. What I did was scrammed my way to the jeep, hold on to the jeepney's rear 'bar' (i don't know what term to use) for support while the driver was pumping the gas and running his vehicle.

It happened so fast. For a moment, I knew how it felt to fight for your life in the midst of danger. I was holding the jeepney's rear firmly as if my life depends on it and letting go of it will result to an unimaginable tragedy. For a moment I was out of conscious effort to absorb what had just happene
d. Two lady passengers sitting near the rear entrance helped me out. I never uttered a word of thanks, I forgot to. I sat there, hazy and overwhelmed and motionless but I knew there was a pasted smile (hilaw na ngiti) on my face as if by doing just that, I could wipe out the embarrassment I felt.

I could not yell at the driver because I know most of the part I am to blame. But the driver did not even bother to slow down :(

General lesson is that I would never again do things in uncertai
n situation.

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