Funny Lines I heard from Friends and Colleagues

I can't help it but smile, even laugh if no one is around when I remember these funny lines and bloopers I heard from my friends and colleagues. This post is not to mortify them at their most embarassing moments rather to capture their funny words into writing so I could remember the funny moments tied with it. That whenever I read this post, I would surely recollect the moments when I shared intense laughters, giggles, side glances and winks with friends.

1. "Jokes are half meant true..." (oh well,, true and half-meant nga naman)

2. "F**k the what naman e" delivered with a very angry expression (you mean wtf? as in what the f**k?, lol)

3. "Excuse me, Miss. Ahm... Do you have ahh... chicken noodle soup...? (suddenly remembering to add) ...for the soul?" (this one never fails to make me laugh big time)

4. A friend commenting on a show we were watching: "self-confessed bomber talaga sila no?" (di kaya suicide bomber ibig nyang sabihin?)

I am sure this list will not stop here... I'll keep them coming.

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