A Pompous Writing

I arrived at office twenty one minutes late, again for the nth time. I couldn't even keep a count of my tardiness for this month of July. I observed that for the past few days I was taking this slimming tea, my one hour buffer time which I intentionally reserved for taking hundreds of steps before boarding a jeepney (jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines), for my usual 10-minute dally-dallying when stuck on between traffics, for taking another 15-minute waiting time for the old, sometimes busted elevator at our office building was actually spent on my quick to and fro travel between my room and the washroom. So gross but what a relief getting rid of the bloated feeling, unwanted fats. After several episodes, I felt like my belly has flattened a bit and feels like I'm ready to wear sexy outfits, at last. Oh how I wish. Because after spending almost 3 hours of slumping onto an office chair comes the lunch. More than a cup of rice + pork + sweets + water + whatever I like to eat = refilled stomach and fats replaced. And after another 2-hour, merienda would surely be there to greet me.

For days like this, I can just sigh and say to myself that for someone like me who's well-endowed with bulges all over the wrong places, today is not just my day. I can't help but to indulge myself and turn all the ill-feelings on a big slice of Sbarro's Chicago White Pizza, an order of Baked Ziti and Chickem Macaroni Salad (yummy!!!) while crossing my finger, thinking tomorrow I can be beautiful again.

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