New Year

January 01, 2010-12:00 a.m - when the dark skies were lighted and flashed with fireworks and the usual night silent were disturbed by the series of firecrackers rushing high into the night sky, I was at peace, by my room's window and by myself, just looking up. I had the tremendous feeling of awe and blissfulness for the things that happened to me within the past one year. I uttered a prayer while humbly holding my heart with a gratitude to God.

A perplex thought had me come up with this question: Why does New Year always comes with a feeling of re-starting your life when actually you'll just have to continue what was left of the previous year?

New Year.

Another journey ended and a new journey has to begin.

A new chapter of life.

A renewed hope.

A fresh start and best time to start anew: career, dreams, plans.

We always look forward to things that we want to accomplished and we hope for the best things to happen. But I think, New Year is not only a mere change of year for most of us. New year comes with a deeper meaning: Change. Change within ourselves.

While I was standing and looking upward, I was thinking, all those rejoicing are nothing but superficial if we don't internalize within ourselves the resolves that we need to have in order to live a more meaningful life ahead.

Best wishes to everyone for the year 2010!!!


RicAdeMus said...

Your posts are always thoughtful and interesting. It's good to examine our lives, what we have done, what we want to do.

Thanks for sharing!

Weezer said...

What beautiful thoughts. New Year's is always sad for me because I remember all that has happened and realize that it's gone. All those wonderful things that I experienced during yet another year have gone. Yes, they'll be replaced by new experiences. But those only push last years things into 'memories'.
Happy New Year to you. I'ved wondered if you were okay. Seems like I remember reading about volcanoes and earthquakes where I thought you might be. I hope you're safe.

Weezer said...

I like that you're already counting down to next christmas. That's the kind of thing I do all year long.

IamNoOne said...

@Weezer: Oh i just forgot to removed that countdown. Been very busy that I become so neglectful of my blog.

But on the second thought, I would like to leave it there

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