It's Positive!!!

Before end of yesterday, I received two phone calls. An invitation for an interview scheduled within next week. Guess what? Those phone calls came from two of the prestigious, multi-national company: Accenture and Lawson! But it wasn't the chance of exploring opportunities with them that delighted me yesterday. It was the hope that came with those calls. Yes, those two companies were the ones I was eyeing on my previous job applications. Myself was appeased thinking if these companies are considering me regardless of my course, then why not the company I was about to join this Monday? My hope was rekindled. At last, I won't end up bumming around for God knows how long.

Then the night came. Sleep was scarce. I felt the tension again. It seems the renewed hope I just had earlier was flickering. Morning came and I received a text message from my headhunter instructing me to check my mail. I was hoping for a positive feedback but I don't want to set my expectation to something that I know will just disappoint me so I was thinking the other way around. I was really feeling butterflies on my stomach while I was on my way to office. If I could only have wings on my heels then I, by all odds, flew over Ayala just to reach my desk, open my computer and check my yahoo mail.

I was really praying and God again this time expedite the answers. There in my monitor the lines read: "...that would be fine and no conflict on her end since she is qualified for that position based on her work experience..."

I was just so happy and just murmured a thank you to Him.

I'm scanning my memory for what happened these past few days. I remember those phone calls. I realize just when I was feeling dejected, God made something happen through other people. By receiving that phone call, it helped me to be able to see through dark clouds with revived hope and a disposition that no matter what the result is, there are still better options for me to choose from.

And really, when it rain it pours! Because after reading that mail, I received a message from an overseas friend telling me that she was able to purchase the book I was hoping to buy online. And she is going to ship it within 4 to 14 days. Can't wait! Thanks Ferly. I know you're not reading my blog but just the same, thank you again. That book will help me in my next career project - acquiring an ISEB certification, hopefully.

Now I am just looking forward to Monday, my first day to this new endeavor. I am glad everyone is wishing me luck. Their encouragement is already a strong shield for me against whatever challenges I might face with this new work.

New work, new challenges. Higher position comes with greater responsibilities. Greater responsibilities come with greater risks. So help me God :)


RicAdeMus said...

Yay!!! Congratualtions! I'm glad the company didn't let a misunderstanding get in the way of hiring you.

You will do a great in the new job.

Weezer said...

Congratulations, Ness. I'm so proud of you being so strong and sticking with what you wanted to do. Sometimes the tiniest bad thing can seem so large and completely block out the good things going on in our lives. Stay well, little friend. And bless you.

merl_md said...

congratulations! As long as you put all your faith and trust in the One who holds your future in His hands, you will be allright.

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