A Follow-up Update

This is a follow-up update of my previous post.

Yes, change brings challenges. And it's scary. You cannot just settle to an expectation of what is going to happen. Beyond of my first step is all unknown. It's a risk. And I think what I am doing now is the greatest risk that I have taken in my life so far. I'm afraid and I'm crossing my fingers. At the back of my mind is a little scared voice saying "you've done a wrong decision..."

Two year course.

More than 5 years of extensive experience.

Would the above combined qualifications weigh best than one with a 4-yr course of no or lesser experience?

There is a confusion of my recent job application. The qualification was at least an applicant should possess a degree in computer engineering or any related course. I applied anyway, thinking I've got an experience as a shield. I was thinking it will be up to my employer or headhunter to assess and if they will call me for an interview, it's a chance and I will definitely go for it. The end result. I was considered for the job. Already signed a job offer. Already prepared my pre-employment requirements. I submitted those pertinent papers today. After several hours, I got a call, a verification of my course - is it a degree or JUST a diploma? I said it's a diploma course. Why would I lie about my educational background in the first place?

All the while I thought they know. During interviews, they never asked for my updated resume. I guess they got my resume from Jobstreet, which unfortunately my profile is not completely accomplished. I asked them what will be the problem then. They said nothing, just verifying to settle the mismatch. What will happen next? Will they still consider me knowing my education did not meet the qualifications they've set? I don't know.... what I could do is pray and cross my fingers hoping for their consideration. I know they still have the prerogative to withdraw my contract even though it was already signed. But just in case, I believe my capability will have significant contributions to their company's goal.

The risks: I have few days left in my current company, I am as good as a resigned employee. If my contract is withdrawn, I would end up jobless - for the first time. This would jeopardize my other plans on finances, business and personal. Another scared voice said: "you should have not resigned, not yet." Ahh... what a domino-effect!


RicAdeMus said...

I hope they do the smart thing and realize they hired the right person for the job.

Weezer said...

Oh, goodness. so you don't know where your work world is going to take you. How stressful that must be for you!! Have faith, dear little friend. Things will be as they should be. Try to have a good weekend. Do something relaxing to take your mind off of this for a little bit. :)

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