Lessons Learned

We've set plans in our hearts.
We embarked on a journey, faced crossroads and eventually decided to change our courses.
We have lost and won some battles.
We have met people and we loved them dearly. Yet, sometimes these were the same people we had let go for reasons we can't comprehend but felt strong resolve - it's for the best.

All of these happened for a reason, way beyond our comprehension. Looking at your 'now', don't you agree that the life you have experienced were pieced out, knitted together to form the better you in your now?

All things - pleasant and those that we want to forever forget - are meant to happen for a greater purpose.

You've break somebody's heart? Not a good one to talk about and I'm sure something you're not proud of but you've played a role in that somebody's life.

You are stuck and you think you're life sucks? Isn't it great that at some point in your life, you have experienced the low so you would know how to appreciate little things?

In any circumstances, we are being instructed lessons of life, just up to each of us to use what we've learned and move forward with a positive perspective. Despite of everything, life around you evolves, they won't stop because you are stuck. So you are left with one choice, to move. Someday, no matter what you do today, you will still end up to a place you are meant to stay and with a person you are meant to be with. Today - what you can do is weigh things and never do things that would add up another complications to your already complicated life.

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