One day, you will meet a guy.

And ultimately, he's going to find out how you're a little messy when eating leaving crumbs in the corner of your mouth.

How you smell at any time of the day.

How your face looks when no make-up.

How you don't love chocolates if there's no nuts on it.

How you love singing your heart out, high pitched, off-tune and with wrong lyrics!

How you can be hyper at times.

How little things bring you happiness and how at the same time it bring you to tears. You can earn an award for this, for being a drama-queen.

How cranky you can get when tired and hungry.

How sometimes you misheard things.

How pressing you are when things don't go your way.

How terrible your sense of direction is.

He will know everything.

But despite all these, he's still going to love you. :)

- nessy

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Anonymous said...

Someday... Amen! :)

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