Reading BLINK

The first two seconds of looking at something, or at someone and you feel that intuitive repulsion... hold on to that thought, because some may not believe it, but what you've just felt is the absolute truth! The power of thinking without thinking. Hunch?! Well, let's see how far my hunch will take me or how positive it is to listen to intuitions without weighing pros and cons, yung tipong basta feel ko lang eh -- reading BLINK


Ricademus said...

Google "microepressions" (I think that's what they are called. Supposedly they reveal a person's true intentions, but we only see them subconsciously....and that forms our first hunch about a person.

IamNoOne said...

Yes. Subconscious. Really its very difficult. But sometimes decisions made based on intuitions were as much as powerful as decisions made over time. Often times we ignore that small voice because we badly wanted something to be real that we make decisions by weighing things out and eventually, we consider only those we conceived consciously.

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