Random Monday Part 2

Happy Monday everyone! Time passes by so swiftly, it's working week again. Not that I am expecting load of office works this week, I only prefer staying home and lying down in bed longer than the usual. I strongly feel that the 2-day off work is really not enough for me to recuperate from all the fatigues and sleep deprivation I've been through these previous busy weeks.

Recapping for the weekend's happening and all, my hands were tightly tied for my Saturday and Sunday's commitment. For the second time last Saturday I've been a willing helper of Ems for her My Chocolate Heaven (Manila branch) event - a catering of chocolate fountain station for an elegant wedding reception at Manila Polo Club. We arrived at 3pm, the exact time for the chocolate fountain setup. I've been sooo beyond stress because we pushed, dragged and carried everything from building's basement all the way through the second floor. 3pm was supposedly the start of the setup - it's only the two of us, we've got less strength than man to spare so we literally ran basement to 2nd floor and back again twice or thrice and had consumed the 30-minute setup time to transport everything to the setup area. Lucky for us because the elevator which was busted earlier was already functioning when we arrived so we did not have to go by stairs. At the reception area, our idea or what Ems and her client talked about was to setup choco-fountain for two tables – for the cocktail area and dinner area. So we were quiet surprised the reception coordinator told us to setup another one table for the soup area. We were not on the right time to argue so we just hurriedly started the setup as we were told. We started in the cocktail area. We were half way through in the cocktail setup when some of the guest arrived and started to pick some goodies. The chocolate fountain was the primary attraction for the early guests so they basically swarmed the area. We on the other hand were delayed in setting up the station for the soup area because Ems from time to time checked the cocktail area and refilled some of the goodies. Three hundred guests arrived and more than half of them enjoyably took a dip. Just for the cocktail area, we’d already emptied half of the dippers which leave us not much to setup for the dining area. It was more than 5 hours of checking and running to and fro and watching the gala on the fly. To sum it all up, it was a very tiresome event. But sadly, I did not find the gratification at the end of the event. Reasons: we were not satisfied with the setup; the bulk of work is just too much for allotted setup time. In addition, we divided the package that was selected into three that had left the table setup so plainly bare. So much for the recap and here's to my Random Monday posting. Below were some pictures I've took - streets and nooks of Manila Polo Club (bare with me, the pictures are a bit blurry. I used the night mode in my phone when I took these photos).

The streets and lights at Manila Polo Club

That's me and Ems while
waiting for the cab


RicAdeMus said...

That was too much work for 2 people, but I'm sure all of the guests enjoyed and appreciated your efforts.

Abby Kihano said...

i get what you mean... two days off is NOT enough! we deserve more! LOL!

also, i love the pictures! the lights are just to adore for!

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