A friend forwarded me a message that goes "If God increases our blessings, it's not meant to be a reward. It's a call to do greater things to others. We don't need to thank Him that we have much while others have little. We have to thank Him because He has chosen to bless us and in return, to be a blessing to others."

Just a quick realization... I have received blessings more than I had expected. But comes with it is a feeling of slight burden that whatever I have, I need to share and more often than not what is being left for me is nothing. The message that I just received helped me to realize the blessings I have received and yet to be received are not for my abundance or satisfaction. Today I realized, blessings are not the material things that you received but the happiness and fulfilled feeling of knowing you've done something greater that most of people cannot - to share.

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RicAdeMus said...

That is a great thing to do my friend. I'm glad to see a post from you. I hope the new job is going well.

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